Our slate for the NEC elections 2012


Agree with what you read on our website? Then please consider nominating the following candidates at your Branch AGM:


Christine Hulme, DWP

Vice Presidents

Marjorie Browne, DWP

John Moloney, DfT

NEC ordinary members

Nick Bird, DWP

Tom Bishell, DWP

Marjorie Browne, DWP

Sue Catten, DWP

Trish Doran, DWP

Chris Hickey, CLG

Rosie Huzzard, DWP

David Jones, CLG

Karen Johnson, CLG

Bev Laidlaw, DWP

John Moloney, DfT

Declan Power, DWP

John Pearson, Comm Sec

Tony Reay, DWP

Matt Wells, DEFRA

See our election bulletins as they posted here.

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