Well done

But now we have to plan the next set of actions.

From all accounts the action on the 30th was solid. Certainly the numbers on strike surprised the government. So all the hard work by activists paid off. The question now being posed by members though is what next.

PCS leadership, rightly, wants action early in the new year; a further one day strike. But as with all convoys we have, supposedly, to sail at the speed of the slowest ship; that means the pace of national actions will be determined by the less “militant” unions. Of course it is those unions that are most likely to peel off and accept some sort of the deal from the government.

Therefore whilst trying to maintain as much unity as possible with all the unions in our “collation” the PCS has to be planning, hopefully with other unions, actions that can be taken between the big strikes. We cannot allow months to lapse between actions. So selective industrial and political actions is needed. In the IL we will be campaigning for this in the weeks ahead.

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