Stop outsourcing: Latest evidence

Attentive people know that for all the talk of localism and Big Society the truth is that the Tory led Government is anxious to outsource even more public services irrespective of what service users, local people and service workers actually want, and thereby waste public money and lower service standards. PCS and the TUC should be pressuring the Labour Party leadership to commit to halting the outsourcing of public services and to bring already outsourced services back into public service.

A survey carried out by Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) for Unison, Insourcing update: the value of returning local authority services in-house in an era of budget constraints, sets out important evidence supporting “for in-sourcing” and the growing interest of a number of councils (see

The report revealed that Councils bringing services in-house anticipate significant savings, better services, greater flexibility, integrating a range of services, and a more direct connection between local residents and the authority, enhance accountability. See also the report by Paul O’Brien, chief executive of APSE, in the Journal Public Finance (

Milliband likes to talk about “hard working families.” Well there are a lot of people working hard in outsourced services, for not very much reward, who would like to work in a public service that is not a milch cow for company owners and managers.

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