“whether our aim is to achieve a negotiated agreement with the Trade Unions”


These words are from a letter written by Andrew Lansley to the Treasury regarding possible changes to public sector pensions

Extracts from that letter can be found here.

In his letter Mr Lansley, who is Secretary of State for Health, states:

We also need to decide whether our aim is to achieve a negotiated agreement with the Trade Unions or whether we intend to impose unnegotiable changes with the impact on industrial relations that will surely follow.

Of course this goes to the heart of matters. PCS has been clear that up to now that the talks concerning our pensions have not been serious – please see here, here and here.

It would appear that the Government is working to a pre-determined plan; talk; take no notice of the unions; then impose changes.

In a later posting we will quote more from Mr Lansley’s letter where he describes what could be imposed on us.

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